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Erie Canal Harley Owners Group

Chapter 3431 Utica, NY


About our Events and Group Rides 

Chapter activities are conducted primarily for the benefit of H.O.G. chapter members. There are three categories of activities identified as follows:
Closed Events (CL) are those chapter events that are open to chapter members and one guest per member.

Member Events (MB) are events that are open only to H.O.G. members

Open Events (OP) are those chapter events which are open to chapter members, national H.O.G. members and other guests.


EVENT ideas are welcomed and can be submitted electronically by Chapter Members via email or inperson at a meeting. If you would like to submit a ride please have a chosen route round trip to make the journey so we can plan stops accordingly. Week night short rides are also encouraged.

Non-Members may inform our Chapter of NON-CHAPTER Events (NCE) via e-mail to the Activities Officer.

ADDITIONAL Erie Canal H.O.G. Chapter INFO Non-Chapter Event (NCE) may be events held by other chapters or open motorcycle events and are added to the calendar for info purposes only. When riders in the chapter event reach their destination, the chapter ride (H.O.G. insurance coverage) officially terminates when kickstands are down at the destination point. H.O.G. Alcohol Policy No alcohol or any other drug/s that impare your motor skills shall be consumed before or during a riding event Alcohol or any other drug/s that impare your motor skills before riding and you Can NOT join the ride. Alcohol or any other drug/s that impare your motor skills during ride and you May/Will be asked to leave group from any point of origin to kickstands down destination point.

Motorcycling doesn’t just contain two-wheeled motorcycles. Trikes and sidecars are still a popular option, and due to their width, they should always ride at the back of the group. They are wide enough to take up two-thirds of the lane and don’t handle with the same nimbleness as a two-wheeled motorcycle. That differential in handling can create a problem in a sudden change of speed or adjustment needed within the lane.

To help ensure your ride with us is fun and safe for you and the other riders in our group, please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our Group Riding information, particularly the correct use of the STAGGERED FORMATION. If you have any questions, please address them to the Road Captain for resolution before the start of the ride. Thanks for joining us. All times for riding events are KSU (kick stands up). Please try to arrive at the meeting location 15-30 minutes in advance of the KSU time with a full tank of gas. This will give you time to converse with your friends and be briefed on the route as well as any special safety precautions. Have a great and safe ride.

Below are some of the Rules of the Road:

  • Be prepared - clothing, safety equipment, etc…
  • Discipline is REQUIRED during Group Rides to insure EVERYONE’S SAFETY
  • Obey ALL traffic controls
  • Maintain safe speed
  • Staggered Formation IS the Primary and Default Formation (unless otherwise indicated)
  • Keep tight but courteous formation (use 2-second rule)
  • Increase (or decrease) separation between bikes when appropriate
  • STAY ALERT - know YOUR escape route
  • Don’t get in over your head—ride your own

Basic Hand Signals

These are some basic hand signals used however the hand signals used are at the disgression of the Head Road Captian.

The Head Road Captian will go over the hand signals used prior to the group ride. Please ensure you are aware of these hand signals and comfortable using them. Remember, once a hand signal is given this hand signal should be used by all participants of the group (if it is safe to do so) and the hand signal should make it to the last rider (sweep) of the group. If you have any questions about the use of the these basic hand signals please speak directly to the Road Captian prior to the ride.

Please review the basic hand signals with this link: Basic Hand Signals